Christian spiritual direction is the practice of guiding people as they deepen their personal relationship with God. It is the art of being a spiritual companion, mentor, elder, or guide. Direction is not telling people what to believe or how to act, but working with the Spirit to discover and engage God.

Spiritual direction is not something new. It is an ancient practice found in the Bible and in the Christian Church. Spiritual direction, spiritual growth, and spiritual formation are Biblical concepts frequently associated with Scriptural terms like discipleship, shepherding, leading, guiding, and teaching.   

Spiritual direction is one of the classical Christian spiritual disciplines from a wide variety of Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox backgrounds. Christian disciplines also include: prayer, silence, solitude, discernment, journaling, meditation, fasting, self examination, and studying Scripture.


Spiritual direction sessions are voluntary and focus on growth in the Christian life. Sessions are not therapy, clinical, or psychological assessments. Spiritual direction is seeking intimacy with God. 


If you feel drawn toward faith or strengthening your faith, spiritual direction might be for you. Test it, try it, and discover what God has in store for you and your life. Take time to discern what the Holy Spirit is doing and saying. Act on that discernment, and draw nearer to God through Jesus Christ. 

 Methods, Manners, & Modes

Spiritual direction sessions will vary just as each participant is unique. Personal preferences and learning styles will play a role in how you want to grow spiritually.

There are two primary styles of spiritual direction: non-directive and directive. Non-directive allows the directee to receive non-judgmental listening and inquiries from the director. The directee is seeking consensus and clarity from the director. This style is directee-centered. It requires the directee to be very engaged and regularly using a spiritual practice. If you don't know what you are looking for in spiritual direction, this style can be very frustrating. The directive style is for a directee who wants to be taught, seeks homework, and exercises for sessions. It is more structured. It offers lesson plans and teaching in a traditional learning format. It may take some time to find a style that you enjoy, but consider it as part of your spiritual journey.   

Sessions can address several methods of Christian growth including but not limited to:

Clarity / discernment

Examen / self examination

Friends / Quaker Spirituality

Ignatian Spirituality



Spiritual gifts assessment / inventory

Spiritual disciplines / exercises

Spiritual formation 


Feel free to contact me regarding additional topics.

Spiritual direction sessions

Sessions are 60-90 minutes and cost $50. Rates can be discounted on a sliding scale or for purchasing a package of 5-10 sessions.